Code Of Conduct



What may clients and suppliers expect from the members the Wedding Industry Network (WIN) and for what reasons can the members call each other accountable.

This Code of Conduct defines the wedding industry and contains a set of rules for members of the Wedding Industry Network (WIN) to observe as basic rules in their daily work. The basic principle is that the Code of Conduct applies to all members and that it is apparent, public, and testable.


All professions working in the wedding industry, according to the Wedding Industry Network (WIN), is carried out in all openness. With its Code of Conduct, the Wedding Industry Network makes explicit how it understands the wedding industry and what values and standards relate to it.

Wedding Industry Network Code of Conduct

The Wedding Industry Network (WIN) Code of Conduct consists of three parts:
1.       Relevant definitions
2.       General principles
3.       Values and standards


According to the Wedding Industry Network (WIN) the wedding industry consists of all possible activities and services concerning the planning of a wedding, its preparation and realisation. The Code of Conduct applies to all members, whatever organisation they work in. Members are individually responsible for their own behaviour if this conflicts with the values and standards included in the Code of Conduct.

General Principles

Members of the Wedding Industry Network (WIN) practice their profession according to the following general principles:

i.        Work according to the highest standards of professionalism, work with integrity, confidentiality, and high standards personal behaviour;

ii.       Are honest and reliable in their professional contacts with clients, suppliers, fellow colleagues in the industry and the public;

iii.      Show due regard for all suppliers, clients, public, and fellow colleagues.

iv.      Observe the law;

v.       Respect the Wedding Industry Network (WIN) Code of Conduct.

General Principal (i)

1.1.    Members make clear how his or her business or department deals with confidential matters.

Members store (confidential) data in such a way that no crucial data can get lost or end up in the hands of third parties. Members prevent third parties from gaining access to data and information about clients they have promised to keep confidential.

1.2     Members provide clients, suppliers, and other interested parties with a realistic picture of the services to be delivered and the goals to be realised, as well as the costs charged for the services to be provided.

1.3     Members must act in the client’s interest (rather than their personal interests or feelings).

General Principal (ii)

2.1      To function well, members must have a reputation of reliability.

2.1.1   Members must always aim for the highest possible level of expertise.

2.1.2.  Agreements and arrangements must be kept.

2.1.3   Wherever possible, members must contribute to enhance the quality and the image of the event and wedding industry.

2.2      All information regarding pricing, products, and procedures, obtained during the planning of a wedding, must be dealt with confidentially.

2.3      Members need to offer the correct information about their services to all potential clients to enable them to make a fair comparison between services and prices.

2.4      Selection of suppliers must be based upon an objective criterion, rather than personal preferences, unless the personal preference of the client is concerned.

2.5      Members need to maintain a positive relationship with other suppliers, while also considering the supplier’s interest.

2.6      Members need to provide all clients with correct, non-misleading information. Members must not let other members or clients force information about competitors.

General Principal (iii)

3.1      Members must always adapt him or herself to the clients’ (reasonable) wishes, and show due regard for people, regardless of origin, inclination, religion, or life principles.

3.2      Members must show due regard to fellow members and competitors.

General Principal (IV)

4.1      Members will observe the law, and existing regulations when exercising their profession.

4.2      Members will prepare and perform their duties in a professional and knowledgeable way.

General Principal (IV)

5.1      Every member has the responsibility to act according to the above-mentioned guidelines, and according to current law. When becoming a member of the Wedding Industry Network (WIN), you express your agreement with these conditions and you are expected to observe the above-mentioned Code of Conduct.